FM Multi Carrier
FM Multi Carrier
Industrial Grade Remote Control Multipurpose steep terrain Skid Steer
Built by Australians for Australian conditions

Ease Of Use

Our aim at Recon Industries Australia is to think outside of the box to increase safety and productivity.

We follow some simple ideas that allow us to design and manufacture products to be -

Combining our aim and ideas, our machinery and equipment is suited for some of the hardest and harshest conditions on this planet which are found in Australia.

We have simplified the operator inspections and daily checks with easily accessible inspection points. The on-machine display shows all information relating to the machine including, machine hours, service data and a fault log.

The Radio remote control has a large 2.7-inch LCD display which allows the operator to monitor the machines condition including engine RPM, temperatures and fluid levels.

Once the battery isolator is turned on the operator has full control of all functions of the FM Series including starting and stopping the engine from the radio remote control unit.

Some features of the radio remote control include -

Easy to use