FM Multi Carrier
FM Multi Carrier
Industrial Grade Remote Control Multipurpose steep terrain Skid Steer
Built by Australians for Australian conditions

Industrial Grade Remote Control Multipurpose Skid Steer

More than mowing!

The FM series comes in two models the FM-80 and the FM-120 both have been designed and manufactured to ensure that the FM series is fit for purpose, durable and has an excellent return on investment.

The FM series is fitted as standard with a quick attachment plate which allows most skid steer attachments to be used on the FM series.

With multiple front arm options including a low push style arm to an arm which lifts to over 1300 mm above the ground to allow for the FM series to be used as a multipurpose machine.

The FM series are fitted as standard with CEJN Multi-X quick connect couplings. The FM series has 3 sets of hydraulics including a high flow CEJN Multi-X quick connect coupling as well as two other auxiliary outputs also fitted with CEJN Multi-X quick connect coupling giving a total of 3 sets of independent hydraulic outputs to power attachments.

With a dedicated closed loop pump ensuring that the high flow circuit is able to perform regardless of the operating conditions. The FM series has an operator selectable variable flow on the high flow outputs allowing for maximum flows of 144 LPM for the FM-80 and 189 LPM for the FM-120 at a maximum pressure of 350 bar.

The FM series is designed to be a workhorse, with the machines being radio remote controlled they out perform most skid steer loaders and the weight saving from not have an operator’s station allows for an excellent machine weight.

The same machine can be use for multiple uses including -

Some of the FM Series Attachments include -